Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Foam Roller

#1 - Versatility

You can use it for a wide range of exercises for the back, legs and arms.  Strengthen areas of your body you couldn’t otherwise reach.  Please see our home page for more exercise details

#2 - Massage on demand

Provide yourself with a massage whenever you want or need it.

#3 - Flexibility

Increase your flexibility.

#4 - Stretch

Use it for an elongated stretch of your back.

#5 - Core

Use it to strengthen your core muscles.

#6 - Portability

An effective roller doesn’t have to be much longer than 12 inches.  Move it from room to room, but when you’re done, make sure you don’t leave it in a spot where someone could trip over it.

#7 - Durability

A good quality roller will last for years.

#8 - Speed

You don’t need to spend a great deal of time using the roller to get results.

#9 - Spinal adjustment

Results may vary, but many users report that they can feel their spine adjusting with each vertebrae being put back into alignment when they roll on their back.

#10 - Affordability

Foam Rollers range in price from $25-$75. Unfortunately at the lower end of that price range the multi-layer solid white rollers tend to break down relatively quickly, becoming less effective and may need to be tossed. The GolfRoller is priced at under $50.00 and that includes free shipping.

GolfRoller bonus advantages over conventional solid foam rollers.

All of the above features plus:
Bonus #1:The hollow construction of the GolfRoller makes it easy to take the GolfRoller with you when you travel, utilizing the hollow space for other travel items.
Bonus #2:The GolfRoller comes with a one year unconditional cover replacement guarantee.
Bonus #3: The cover of the GolfRoller can be removed for easy washing and care. Please see for more details, including an instruction video.

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