How do I disassemble, wash and reassemble my GolfRoller?

To disassemble, we recommend standing the GolfRoller upright on a flat surface. Gently grasp the sides of the GolfRoller, pressing down on the two held sides.  The inner plastic pipe should easily pop out and allow you to separate the covers from the pipe.  You can then easily hand wash the two outer covers with a mild soap and warm water.   Allowing the two outer covers to air dry over a few hours will prolong the life of your GolfRoller.   The easiest way to reassemble the GolfRoller is to start by inserting the inner cover into the outer cover. Once you have these two covers nicely aligned, you should then be able to insert the plastic pipe and slide it into alignment inside the two outer layers. You can learn more by watching this video.

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How do I learn more about the one year unconditional cover replacement guarantee?

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