Use the GolfRoller to loosen up before or after playing a round of golf or practicing.

Product Features:

  • Only requires a few minutes of use each day
  • Lightweight, hollow construction
  • A great travel companion
  • Like having a personal massage therapist
  • Removeable cover, easily washed


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What is the GolfRoller?

The GolfRoller can enhance your golf fitness by increasing back and core strength, and improve your flexibility. It is a lightweight and durable improvement over conventional foam rollers. It consists of a hollow core of plastic wrapped in a neoprene layer. We designed the GolfRoller to be portable, easily fitting into your luggage or even your golf bag. The two piece construction allows the outer layer to easily be washed. It’s the perfect gift for the golfer in your family.

How does it work?

The GolfRoller allows you to use your body weight to give yourself a massage. The technical term is “myofascial release”, a form of soft tissue therapy used to relieve pain and restriction of motion. Think of a myofascial release as a form of soft tissue therapy similar to a massage.

The game of golf puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower back. By investing only a few minutes every day using the GolfRoller you can reduce lower back pain and increase your range of motion. We also suggest using the GolfRoller as part of your warm up routine prior to leaving for the course or a golf practice facility.

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